Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'll be missing you- Feta Cheese

Fabulous Feta?

Warning- this entry is a completely ridiculous.

I feel like if I had music on my blog this entry would be accompanied by the song “I’ll be missing your” (the puff daddy version) So please feel free to turn on that song on your itunes while you read (if you have it)

As many of you know I cannot eat cheese right now but that doesn’t stop me from making it! I miss cheese dearly, but we had a gallon of milk that was about to go bad. I hate to waste things so I figured I could make some cheese for my friends and family… I made some feta , (for the first time) I used the recipe from my cheese kit. It turned out really good. Both Joe and my dad said it tasted right, and I was pleased as punch. I then put it back in the brine to store it. BIG mistake, you want to figure out a different way to store your feta because after 2 days I had white salt water not cheese…WHERES the cheese? It was missing in action, for sure. It was fabulous and then it died, just like biggie smalls. RIP cheese, oh and biggie smalls too, if you happen to be drinking a 40 right now feel free to drop a little for my homies (the feta cheese and biggie of course) . Well at least I know it turned out, it just didn’t keep well. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to store feta after it is made? The book said to store in brine, but is clearly not the correct method! This was my first cheese with our my partner in cheese crime Joe. I have to admit, cheese making by yourself, while still cool is not nearly as enjoyable, I missed Joe for sure!

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  1. Love it, Feta is wildly eaten here :) glad you figured out how to make it sorry it disappeared :(