Thursday, March 17, 2011

Backround: Cheese

Our first experience with the dairy delicacy.
As we posted earlier we had a run in with cheese two summers ago. Both Joe and I are avid cheese appreciators but the concept of making cheese seemed FAR beyond our reach. We love to work together in the kitchen and trying new things is always an adventure when we are together. We decided to go for it. Our first cheese was a simple fake ricotta. I say fake because ricotta means re-cook in Italian. Real ricotta as I respect it now is made from whey after making hard aged cheeses.
We were hooked. You can make cheese, CRAZY we used out ricotta with pride in the lasagna and the cannolis. AWESOME results. We then started to research more about what we had actually started. Can we make more cheese? But of course!
That following Christmas Joe got me the Mozzarella and the Hard cheese kit. (from I know that many girls would not think that this was a good Christmas gift form a boyfriend, but I loved it! It was perfect. On New Year ’s Day we made or first cheese. We were so nervous and the whole process took a long time. After all of our careful preparation we forgot to add salt to our little farm house cheddar. Such is life. It turned out to be delicious anyway… there is still some debate about WHEN we opened it last year but the fact remains that our first hard cheese turned out and it was just a matter of time before we tried again.

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