Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pepper Jack Cheese= FAIL

Part of cooking is excepting failure. It is sometimes hard to remember that when you are conducting experiments in the kitchen, sometimes things go wrong… “it’s the law of the land that sometimes the dam just breaks”. This past weekend Joe and I attempted our first pepper jack cheese. Joe is a big fan of spicy things and has been wanting to make some pepper jack for a while. We decided to do a double cheese weekend. We made a large batch of Havarti with our friends Becca and Noah (more on that when its ready) and the pepper jack on Sunday. We decided to try a new recipe, even though we have had good luck with the recipe created by the cheese queen herself… perhaps that’s where we messed up. I want to included the recipe but because I honestly I can't find it online anymore... and don’t know if it was the recipe or us… but the cheese was VERY loose so I expect the pressing time is off and it never did harden and now it has a lot of mold on it… fail. Joe and I are both super worried about food poising. I have Crohn’s diseases and am very susceptible to getting sick and really no one wants to get food poisoning.. right?

Maybe next time...

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