Friday, March 18, 2011

Backround: Sausage

Go Meat!

As I stated before it all started with that dinner. Joe had always wanted to make sausage and this was his chance. Honestly, it seemed like a lot of work to me. (I get scared easily) But Joe had faith. We searched for an old school table grinder with no luck so we broke down and bought a motorized grinder. After our first sausage experience we realized that the hand cranked grinder would have been a mistake… we don’t have those kinds of mussels! We must have looked pretty ridiculous while making that sausage. I was convinced that the meat was going shoot out of the grinder. Our sausages were un even and had air bubbles… but for a first try they were delicious. We cooked them and added them to our lasagna. Sausage became our new passion. That fall we made a few sausages. We had an awesome “sausage party” that spring and by summer time we were making all kinds of different meats.

My person favorites are.

Cuban Chriso

Italian Wine and Cheese (made with homemade cheese)

Chicken and Apple

I am sure we will post recipes as we make more. If you are a budding sausage maker and want to see our recipes just leave me a comment! (We are happy to share and love to chat)

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